"A picture is worth a thousand keywords" - online our sense of sight is arguably the most valuable.

Our technology leverages sight by turning it into a means of communication, to understand your customers' preferences to get them faster and more easily to content they’ll love.

Our team

David Libertalis

Michael Elkaim

George Whitelaw

Ciprian Roman
Head of Development

George Prichard
Head of Research

Kasia Swierzyna
User Interface Developer

Matthew Colebourne
Member of Board of Directors

Lynn Clarke
Member of Board of Directors

Boris Pilichowski
Operations Advisor

Paul Pangaro
Scientific Advisor

George Zarkadakis
Scientific Advisor

Ian Taylor
Executive Advisor

Robert Brent
Financial Advisor

Wempy Dyocta Koto
Business Development Advisor

James McQuarrie
User Experience Consultant

André Avorio
Products & Service Consultant

Quinton Fivelman
Intellectual Property Consultant